23 May 2014

DGCA issues ‘Standards of Services’ Document for Public

Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued ,for the first time,  the ‘Standards of Services’ Document enlisting the services/transactions offered by DGCA to the public, operators and others.  The Document provides a concise detail of the work involved in processing an application/request including the related rules and regulations. It also provides details of fees charged for the service.

For the benefit of general public, the services/transactions have been broadly divided into the following headings :

-       Aircraft
-       Aircraft Operator
-       Foreign Airline Operating Authorisation
-       Aerodromes
-       Air Space and Air Traffic Management
-       Approval of Schedules
-       Individuals
-       Other services
-       Organisations

The highlight of the Document is that it gives the timelines for the completion of an activity resulting in the issue of an approval, license, permit or a certificate by DGCA.  The listed timelines for processing and issuing the approvals have been reckoned based on the date of the receipt of a complete application/documents. After the issue of this Document, the general public will get enabled to know what to do and whom to approach for obtaining a service in DGCA.  As part of its initiative for better service, DGCA has also instructed the officers to seek clarification(s) only once from the applicant, especially for services offered to individuals such as pilots, engineers etc.  It is expected that the information provided in the Document would help the applicants and service seekers in submitting complete applications and availing the services/approvals without any procedural delays.
           The ‘Standards of Services’ Document is available on DGCA website at http;//dgca.gov.in.

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