12 Aug 2012

Insufficient Mobile Towers

Due to the existing usages and spectrum requirement for telecom services, there is shortage of spectrum in certain frequency bands. The location and number of the towers are decided by the service providers
themselves as per their technical and business requirements. Presently, there are about more than 7.5 lakhs of mobile towers in the country and more are being added regularly by respective Service Providers. Network coverage can be enhanced with addition of more towers.
BSNL, through Universal Service Obligation (USO) Fund of the Government, has installed many mobile towers especially in rural/remote areas. As regards electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers, Government has issued instructions to the Telecom Service Providers on implementation of radiation norms on Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure by Base Tran-receiver Stations (BTSs) from time to time. 
This information was given by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Shri Milind Deora in the Lok Sabha today. 

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