4 May 2012

Nation-Wide Survey for Crucial Airports

Shri Ajit Singh, the Minister of Civil Aviation informed Rajya Sabha today in a written reply that Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has not conducted country wide survey to identify crucial airport. However, post Manglore crash, 11 airports, which were considered critical airports from flight operations point of view have been inspected. As a part of safety reassurance drive, the airport systems, facilities and procedures were thoroughly reviewed by DGCA to enhance the safety of aircraft operations at Leh, Kullu, Shimla, Port Blair, Agartala, Lengpui, Calicut, Manglore, Jammu, Patna and Latur. On the basis of suggestions in the inspections following actions have been taken to enhance the safety at the aerodromes with the aerodrome operators: 

• Provision of Runway End Safety Area. 
• Ensure proper making on runway. 
• Proper maintenance of Basisc strip and ensuring Frangibility area. 
• Periodic calibration of Nav-aids. 
• Maintenance of runway surface within appropriate friction level. 
• Removal of obstruction and proper marking and lighting of permissible obstacles. 
• Safety risk assessment in respect of non-compliance.

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