30 May 2012

Civil Aviation Minister’s offer not honoured by striking pilots Erstwhile IPG insists on its demands

Shri Ajit Singh, the Union Minister of Civil Aviation has reiterated today that the demands of striking pilots would be considered only if they report back to duty unconditionally. The Minister has stated this in response to a letter from derecognized Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) addressed to the Minister dated May 27, 2012 insisting on their demands for reinstatement of terminated pilots, recognition of derecognized IPG and assurance of promotion from First Officer Pilot to Commander in six years. 

The striking Air India pilots have continued to insist on their demands even though the Civil Aviation Minister Shri Ajit Singh had earlier communicated that he would look into their grievances sympathetically to a group of striking pilots who called on him on May 25, 2012. He had advised them to report back to duty to avoid any further inconvenience to the passengers and damage to Air India’s image. 

The erstwhile IPG have been insisting on their demands despite the Minister’s assurance to consider their request for their reinstatement after they report back for duty on case to case basis and without any victimization. The pilots belonging to erstwhile IPG continue to insist on their demands despite the strike being declared illegal by the Hon’ble High Court and also the Minister’s appeal to them and his assurance to the Parliament.

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