28 Apr 2012

Sugarcane Planted in 46.40 Lakh Hectares

According to the preliminary reports received from the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, sugarcane has been planted in 46.40 lakh hectare as compared to 44.00 lakh hectare last year on this date. It is 2.40 lakh hectare more than last year. Normal area for sugarcane cropping is 47.45 lakh hectare. 

Higher area coverage has been reported from Uttar Pradesh (2.10 lakh hectare), Tamil Nadu (0.66 lakh hectare), Karnataka (0.50 lakh hectare) Maharashtra (0.28 lakh hectare), Bihar (0.21 lakh hectare), Uttarakhand (0.06 lakh hectare), Punjab 0.03 lakh hectare and Andhra Pradesh (0.01 lakh hectare). 

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