8 Jul 2012

MoU on Campaign Clean India Signed between the Ministries of Tourism and Railways

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Campaign Clean India between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Railways was signed in the presence of the Minister of Tourism Shri Subodh Kant Sahai and the Minister of Railways Shri Mukul Roy, here today. 

Speaking on the occasion Union Tourism Minister Shri Subodh Kant Sahai said convergence with Railway Ministry is very important for developing tourism in the country and abroad. He said this will help in effectively branding India as a major tourist destination. Shri Sahai said Railway is a major driver for development of tourism and the Ministry of Railway and Ministry of Tourism have decided to work together towards the common objective of brand positioning and effective promotion enhancing tourism in India. 

Minister for Railways Shri Mukul Roy said that the Indian Railways have taken a number of steps for improving cleanliness by way of Green Toilets, clean train stations, rag picking contracts, washable aprons on platforms, mechanized cleaning on the stations and on-board service schemes etc. Shri Roy said that modern methods, equipment and material are being used by Railways for improved cleanliness and hygiene in and around railway stations. He said that on mutually agreed term and conditions, Railways and Ministry of Tourism together will undertake vinyl wrapping of rakes of some long distance trains highlighting Campaign Clean India. Staff would also be available in such trains under this scheme for maintaining proper cleanliness. 

The MOU was signed by Smt. Usha Sharma, Additional Director General (Tourism) on behalf of Ministry of Tourism and Smt. Mani Anand, Executive Director (Tourism & Catering) on behalf of Ministry of Railways. 

As per the MoU the two Ministries will work together towards a sustained sensitization campaigns for train travellers and service providers under the Capacity Building for Service Providers scheme of Ministry of Tourism and for consultations and discussions with the stake holders including the travel trade to evolve strategies for the up-keep and cleanliness of the stations and coaches. The Ministry of Railways will work towards the provision of controlled access to the stations and provision of chemical toilets in trains to keep the stations clean. 

The Ministry of Railways will encourage the Hotels and Travel Trade Associations, the Companies and the Corporate Houses to adopt Railway Stations in furtherance of Campaign Clean India. In return, the Ministry of Railways will offer advertising opportunities to the patrons.The Ministry of Tourism will undertake branding of long distance trains running on important routes in different regions of the country, whereby one side would depict important tourism sites of the country and the other side would carry Campaign Clean India messages on mutually agreed routes and terms. 

Each Ministry will designate a Joint Secretary level officer for monitoring the implementation of the Mou. 

The MoU acknowledges the emergence of tourism sector as a key driver of economic development as evident from the fact that it contributes nearly 6 per cent to the national GDP and generates over 9 per cent of the total employment in the country. It endorses the fact that achieving the growth of tourism to its potential will call for quality facilities and infrastructure, as also an ambience that is clean and friendly to the tourists. 

Cleanliness and proper hygiene are universally regarded as indispensable existential norms that must inform and permeate all our actions. However, a consciousness in terms of education, demonstration and training is required to be created to ensure that these norms become part of a national psyche, at home and outside it. Conversely, lack of or inadequate personal and environmental cleanliness will have a pull-down impact on the image-India, the worst hit being the tourism sector where the first impression of a visitor is often his last. The MoT will therefore visualize and look for an India that impacts a visitor, to begin with, for its cleanliness and hygiene. Hence, the Campaign Clean India. 

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